Intelligent management of the surgical process

Optimization of resources, improved patient safety and enhanced quality of care

What is CIRUS?

The solution for a comprehensive view of the surgical suite

Intelligent solution for the integral management of the surgical process, modular and with a high capacity for personalization, which optimizes resources, reduces waiting lists and improves the quality of patient care.

Modular and scalable solution

Intelligent system

Decision support

High integration capacity

Success stories

León Hospital

Optimization of operating rooms and reduction of waiting lists

Gerardo Atienza

Quality and Patient Safety Unit of the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Santiago

He explains how the implementation of ONCOTEAM has helped the Tumor Committees of the Galician healthcare complex to store relevant patient clinical information in a single place.


They trust CIRUS


Optimized and controlled surgical process

CIRUS is a solution that helps to have the surgical process optimized and under control.

Facilitates the work of professionals in the clinical and organizational environment. It optimizes resources, increases patient safety and improves the quality of care.


Quality of care and effective use of operating rooms

CIRUS helps Health Services and hospitals to improve the clinical, assistance and organizational part of the surgical process. In this sense, the solution minimizes interruptions and cancellations of scheduled operations, thus maximizing operating room throughput.

Manuel Gómez - Business Director at Bahía Software

"We work in the field of health and provide solutions to improve people's quality of life. We provide healthcare professionals with tools to optimize their work and training. "


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